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Golden Eagle Pet foods | United Kingdom

The future of nutrition: nutrigenomic foods

The origins of all Golden Eagle pet foods go back to Joseph ‘Joe’ Cocquyt, whose dissatisfaction with all the unhealthy ingredients in the pet food on the market led him to focus on answering one question: “How do you make the healthiest pet food in the world?”

Blended together

Joe started working with veterinarians, breeders and nutritionists to determine the best sources of pet food ingredients. He worked closely with equipment manufacturers to also make it possible to cook these ingredients properly and to work out how they could best be blended together. He discovered that his own pets were healthiest when eating whole foods. 


Although this pet food is expensive to produce, it costs next to nothing when compared with the damage to pet health induced by feeding chemicals and synthetic products. Golden Eagle’s dog and cat food recipes are based on the most advanced research in animal health. The latest findings in genetic research show the effects of chemicals and unnatural substances in pet food creating havoc in pet health and potentially resulting in unhealthy and even dangerous destruction of the animals’ DNA.

Product range

Golden Eagle pet food contains only carefully selected human-grade ingredients. Fresh meats, wholegrain rice, barley and oats, fresh fruits and vegetables, supplemented with healthy oils and fats, and rich in omegas such as DHA and EPA. Prebiotics and probiotics, nowadays recognized as very beneficial for optimal digestion and gut health, combined with high levels of vitamins and minerals. The company’s innovative cooking methods ensure the pet food is unequalled in healthy, nutritional benefits. The range features nine holistic and three hypo-allergenic dog foods and three cat foods. Additionally, the bags have been designed to advise customers about the fresh ingredients. 

Animal rights

None of Golden Eagle’s products are tested in cruel laboratory animal tests. All testing is done by simply feeding their own pets, and pets belonging to friends, relatives and trusted breeders. They ensure all their meat sources have led a good life, free ranged and slaughtered without any cruelty or abuse of animal rights. The company guarantees the food is free from antibiotics, herbicides, pesticides or any chemicals which can be potentially harmful for your pet.